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Investors - Buy ERC20 Tokens

Welcome to our community ERC20 token sale in Kalkulator (KKR) software corporation.

Investors are able take part in our ITO by following this three step process. If you already own Ethereum then please register for a private placement which will include bonus, send us an email or purchase on decentralized exchange.

Thank you.

Step No. 1 - Purchase Ethereum on Exchange.

Buy Ethereum on Binance or BTC Markets the worlds premier secure cryptocurrency & Bitcoin exchange. Buy, sell and trade Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), XRP and more with AUD today to invest in ERC20 tokens all around the world.

Step No. 2 - Register for Private or Public ITO.

Sign Up as a member to our website for private placement to receive bonus tokens and free access to software or make purchase with Ethereum through one of the following decentralized exchanges listed below with your cryptocurrency.

Step No. 3 - Buy ERC20 Tokens in Kalkulator (KKR).

Buy tokens from LedgerDex, Forkdelta, Etherdelta, OpenLedger Dex, IDEX, WAVES Dex, CryptoBridge Dex, OasisDex. Radar Relay, BarterDex, Bisq (aka BitSquare) or Stellar Dex. The first stage of the community sale is now selling on LedgerDex for investors.

Community Sale - Underway
Web Designer 5%
Development Team - Complete
Legal Advisors - Complete
Marketing Team - Complete
Etherscan - Complete
Kalkulator (KKR) - ERC20 Token Sale - Underway

Name: Kalkulator (KKR)

Address: 0x21d2e4AB8399f55b465F621e3D53081CBff7B4Ec

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