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Strip Flooring

Strip Flooring 5.4.1

Fitted flooring shall be kept 10 mm clear of walls or wall plates that are parallel to the length of the boards of strip flooring.

The end-matched flooring may be laid with end joints between joists, provided end joints are joined tightly together and well distributed and end-matched joints in adjoining boards do not fall within the same joist spacing.

Strip flooring board lengths shall be at least the equivalent of two joist spacing’s to ensure strength in the overall floor. Finger-jointed hardwood flooring that is manufactured in accordance with AS 2796.1 shall be considered equivalent to continuous strip flooring.

Butt joints shall be cut square and butted tightly together over floor joists. Joints in adjoining boards shall be staggered to ensure they do not occur in adjacent boards on the same joist.

Strip flooring boards up to 85 mm cover width shall be fixed by face-nailing with one or two nails or shall be secret-nailed with one or two in each joist. Boards over 85 mm cover width shall be fixed with two nails at each joist.

Alternate nails in double-nailed boards shall be skewed slightly to the vertical, in opposing directions. The minimum edge distance for nailing at butt joints or board ends shall be 12 mm for strip flooring.

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