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Sub-Floor Ventilation

Sub-Floor Ventilation – 3.4.1

The clearance between the ground surface and the under side of the floor, must be in accordance with sub-floor ventilation building codes.

Sub-Floor Ventilation –

The sub-floor ventilation will prevent moisture from the ground causing unhealthy or dangerous conditions, or loss of amenity for occupants and undue dampness or deterioration of building elements.

Sub-Floor Ventilation –

The sub-floor space between a suspended floor of a building and the ground must be in accordance with the following:

  • The sub-floor space must be cleared of all building debris and vegetation
  • Openings must be provided to allow cross.ventilation to the sub-floor
  • The area must contain no dead air spaces
  • It must be graded or have fall in accordance with building codes
  • The openings must be evenly spaced around the perimeter to code

The double leaf masonry walls, the cross ventilation openings specified must be provided in both leaves of the masonry, with inner-leaf openings being aligned with outer leaf openings to allow an unobstructed flow of air.

Sub-Floor Ventilation – Calculator

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