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This free construction estimating software excel spread sheet has been designed for people in the construction industry or do-it-yourself novices on the weekend which maybe under going a owner builder residential construction project.

The template includes 25 pages of construction costs including building fees, design costs, excavation, concrete, plumbing, termite, framing, windows, doors, masonry, raw materials, fascia, gutter, carpentry, electrical, plasterboard and other trades with construction costs.

Excel - Takeoff Software

Page No. 1 - Building Fees

Development applications, Levies, certificates, notifications, microfilming, inspections, surveyor and insurances.

Pages No. 2 - Design Fees

Architectural fees, engineers drawings, certifier, water board, mine subsidence, geo technical report, administration and other authorities.

Page No. 3 - Site Costs

Sediment control, safety fences, silt fences, amenities, signage, waste and liability insurances.

Page No. 4 - Excavation Costs

Excavation fees, plant fees, machinery fees, float costs and earth work construction costs.

Page No. 5 - Concreter Costs

Piers, slabs, strip footings, plant & machinery hire for concrete contractor.

Page No. 6 - Plumber & Drainage

Labour, supply, wastses, external taps, water tank installation, baths, tubs, shower tapware, toilets and hot water unit systems.

Page No. 7 - Termite Protection

Perimeter 300/12, perimieter 220/09, penetration points, weep holes grades for different zoning types.

Page No. 8 - Framing - Frames & Trusses

Frame & truss manufacture single storey, frame & truss two storey, crane fees, safety rail barriers.

Page No. 9 - Windows & Doors

Aluminum sliding doors & windows, entrance timber door sets, other window & door items.

Page No. 10 - Brickwork

Common bricks, solid bricks, dry pressed bricks, brickwork labour and other brickwork masonry sundries.

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