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Wall Framing

Wall Framing – General 6.1

Application – This section sets out requirements for the construction of conventional stud-framed walls and shall be used in conjunction with Span Tables of the Timber Framing Code.

Bracing – Temporary and permanent bracing shall be provided to stud walls to resist horizontal forces applied to the building. Appropriate connections shall also be provided to transfer these forces through the framework and sub-floor structures to the building foundation.

Wall Framing – Building Practice 6.2

Studs – Common studs may be straightened by crippling with saw cuts and cleats are then to be installed to these studs. The total amount of common studs to be crippled is up to 20% including those in bracing walls.┬áThe crippling of studs at the side of openings and studs supporting concentration loads are not allowed according to Australian Standards.

Wall Plates – Top plates shall be provided along the full length of all walls, including over openings. Bottom plates shall be provided along the full length of all walls except at door opening.

Wall Framing – Calculator

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