Kalkulator - Estimate Takeoff Software

Kalkulator - (KKR)

White Paper

1. Problem.

Construction industry people or trades face problems with construction estimates, client quotes, ordering from suppliers and invoice and payment for work.

1.1 Estimate accurate and secure digitally on any device.
1.2 Quotation submitted to clients in timely manner.
1.3 Ordering materials with costs and order supplier tracking.
1.4 Invoicing clients and instant payment process system.

2. Solution.

Building applications on all platforms and integration of decentralized system for trust and reputation working with future block chain technology to eliminate control from central power. 

2.1 Estimates for scope of work completely accurate all the time electronically with built in building code standards via user interface accessible at any time or place on all devices.
2.2 Quotations automatically complied and ready at call from the estimate created and ready for submitting to clients at the press of button through email or text file anytime.
2.3 Orders made easy for suppliers through purchase tracking documentation with bill of quantities from estimates ready all-the-time on confirmation of scope of works.
2.4 Invoices at call for every estimate and quotation conducted by the user and saved securely through our software application with instant client payments portal network.

3. Timeline

3.1 Development path for application on all platforms.
3.2 Airdrop for our ERC-20 token holders.
3.3 Listing of (KKR) on exchanges for future trading.

4. Market

4.1 Reach of users in all countries around the world.
4.2 Target audience and calculation of potential growth.

5. Tokens

5.1 Total supply of tokens.
5.2 Distribution of tokens.
5.3 Price of (KKR) tokens.
5.4 Purchase methods of tokens.

6. Team

6.1 Management Team
6.2 Development Team
6.3 Legal Team

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